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Coolfood helps organizations reduce the climate impact of the food they serve by shifting towards more plant-rich foods. It is a credible and proven way to reduce your organization’s greenhouse gas emissions.

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Progress report 2022

Our 2022 Progress Report presents a snapshot of how, in just four years, Coolfood has become a rapidly growing movement. By working with food service companies, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, cities and universities, we are on track to meet our ambitious reduction in food-related greenhouse gas emissions. Find out more here.

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by eating plant-rich food

Food production is a significant contributor to climate change, accounting for a quarter of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Some foods generate more greenhouse gas emissions than others. Food that comes from animals make up two-thirds of all agricultural GHG emissions and use more than three-quarters of agricultural land. Plant-based foods generally have a much lower environmental impact.

Enjoying more plant-based foods is an important way to reduce pressure on the climate. Take beef versus beans for example. Producing beef uses 20 times the land and emits 20 times the greenhouse gases as producing beans, per gram of protein.

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