Coolfood. Delicious climate action.

Coolfood is committed to helping businesses and organizations cut the climate impact of the food they serve. Our efforts are already impacting millions of meals a day. If you are a business looking to reduce the impact of the food you serve, there are two ways you can help make a difference. By taking the Coolfood Pledge or through labeling Coolfood Meals on your menu. 

Coolfood Pledge

Commit to action! Join and reduce the climate impact of the food you serve by 25% by 2030.

Coolfood Meals

Help start a movement! Engage your consumers and get Coolfood Meals on your menu.

Trusted Globally

Here are just a few of the global organizations that are part of Coolfood.

Trusted Globally

Here are just a few of the global organizations that are part of Coolfood.

Our latest partners join the party!

Our latest partners to receive the Coolfood Meals badge are helping millions of their consumers to take positive action for the climate.

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your plant-rich sales

We’ve already done the heavy lifting for you. After analyzing over 4,000 research papers and consulting 70 industry experts, we’ve landed on 23 proven ways to increase the amount of plant-rich dishes you sell. Building from this expertise we help you create a bespoke strategy that is unique to your business.

Benefits of Joining

Joining the Coolfood Pledge and/or adopting Coolfood Meals helps your organization achieve several goals, including:


  • Meeting your diners’ evolving dietary preferences and needs
  • Directly engaging your diners and employees in your sustainability efforts
  • Reducing your supply chain (“Scope 3”) GHG emissions
  • Building your reputation as leader in a growing movement that is tackling the climate impact of food
  • Connecting with a social media community of Coolfood consumers.
Joining the Coolfood Pledge is a way to hold ourselves accountable for hitting important climate targets, while also learning from the latest science and experts about what works.

Michael La Cour, Managing Director, IKEA Food Services AB

Join our movement today and make a delicious difference!
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