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Coolfood Meals

Create a buzz with your commitment to the climate with the Coolfood Meals badge. It’s a simple, effective and exciting way of communicating to consumers the dishes on your menu that are climate friendly.

What makes a Coolfood Meal?

What is a Coolfood Meal?

Coolfood Meals have a low carbon footprint, already meeting the level of food-related emissions the World Resource Institute’s research say we need meals to have by 2030. Coolfood Meals are a simple and delicious way for you to help the planet.

Coolfood is run by the World Resources Institute (WRI), a global research non-profit organization that builds solutions to urgent environmental challenges.

How is a Coolfood Meal identified?

Using an ingredients list, WRI calculate a dish’s carbon footprint by analyzing the agricultural supply chain and land used to produce the meal. If the carbon footprint falls below an established per-meal threshold and meets nutritional standards, it is certified as a Coolfood Meal. In the United States, the threshold for breakfasts is 3.81 kg CO2e/portion and for lunches and dinners it is 5.71 kg CO2e/portion. Learn more about the details of our Coolfood Meals identification process in the FAQs or read our technical note here.

What if I don’t serve meals?

You can still support the Coolfood Meals cause by becoming a Coolfood Meals Ambassador. Our Coolfood Meals Ambassador programme allows food manufacturers to feature their climate-friendly products in complete meals which can then be badged Coolfood Meals.

Want Coolfood Meals on your menu?

Have questions?

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