Klimato & Coolfood: Promoting Robust Data to Scale Healthy, Sustainable Meals

Klimato and Coolfood – an initiative of World Resources Institute (WRI) – share a commitment to ensuring credible, accurate data that helps the food service industry reduce its emissions.
WRI has undertaken a comprehensive review of Klimato’s carbon footprint methodology and validated that it meets the requirements under the WRI Coolfood Methodology. By undertaking this peer-review, Klimato and Coolfood are ensuring that clients are accessing more robust, science-led data.

What It Means to Be Aligned with WRI’s Coolfood Methodology

WRI’s Coolfood Methodology uses procurement data to measure food-related GHG emissions, including agricultural land use change. It was developed using experience and user testing with more than 30 food providers to recommend metrics that are not only robust and relevant, but also feasible and cost-effective, to measure commonly available data.

WRI’s methodology is a rigorous standard, as the organization is a founding member of the Science Based Targets Initiative and hosts the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Some of the changes that Klimato has implemented to ensure alignment include:

  • Integrating domestic transport into the calculation of the carbon footprint of meals;
  • Using retail weight emission factors to compute the carbon footprint of meats and fish;
  • Expanding the system boundaries from farm to point of purchase, so as to include agricultural production, processing, packaging, transport and food losses along the stages included; 
  • Expanding its meals label to now include a fourth label, “very low,” and adjusting their other thresholds.

Klimato Endorses Coolfood

To maximize impact, Klimato has endorsed WRI’s Coolfood initiative, which includes the Coolfood Pledge – a science-based target to reduce emissions by 25% by 2030. The Coolfood Pledge helps organizations take a target-measure-act approach to reducing food-related GHG emissions by:

  • Identifying no-regret strategies for their unique circumstance;
  • Staying updated on the latest environmental and behavioral science research through member-only webinars;
  • Testing strategies to cut emissions in the field;
  • Connecting with the brightest minds in environmental and behavioral science;
  • Engaging their audience and telling their story;
  • Accessing plug-and-play marketing materials to engage customers.

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There’s more for every food business to tap into

No matter where you are on the journey toward a 25% reduction in food-related emissions, we can help you with world-class data to cutting-edge behavioral science resources, technical assistance and marketing support. By joining forces, Klimato and Coolfood aim to bring the industry a proven path to making a difference.

About Coolfood

Coolfood – World Resources Institute’s initiative for curbing diet-related emissions – provides the food service industry with the tools and expertise to reduce emissions by 25% by 2030. We combine deep environmental research with expertise in behavioral science and consumer marketing techniques, all in a one stop shop that allows the food service industry to turn its ambition into action. Our members span food service companies, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, cities, and universities predominantly across Europe and North America, but also with locations in Latin America, Asia, and Australia.

Contact: Jenny Arthur, Head of Coolfood Membership Development, jenny.arthur@wri.org

About Klimato

Klimato helps food businesses become more sustainable, supporting them as they move closer to their climate targets. With its data-driven approach, Klimato provides a tool for any business with a food and beverage offering – from hotels and restaurants to corporates and food producers – to calculate, track and report their food-related climate impact, offering bespoke support on sustainability strategy and carbon labeling.

Contact: Anton Unger, CEO, anton@klimato.com